Healthy Hypothyroid Protocol

Hypothyroidism is becoming an increasingly common issue, but yet many are unsure of how to aid the issue at home. That is why I offer comprehensive guides that include information on the different types of thyroid imbalance, foods that support and hinder thyroid function, and simple strategies to begin improving your thyroid health. 


  • Hypothyroid Protocol Guide - This guide includes a section on the different types of thyroid imbalance, foods that support and hinder thyroid function and simple strategies to begin improving your thyroid health.
  • How It Works - The Endocrine System & Thyroid - this handout explains the workings of the endocrine system and how the thyroid works. This may be valuable to you, but can be overwhelming. Please use your best judgment and work carefully through this guide. 
  • Gut Health & Your Thyroid - This handout walks you through why gut health is important to proper thyroid function and the steps to take to improve your gut health.
  • Balance Your Blood Sugar for Optimal Thyroid Health - This handout explains how blood sugar imbalance impacts thyroid health and shares specific strategies for better balanced blood sugar. 
  • Hypothyroid Resource Guide - This handout is chock full of resources to help you, including dining and travel tips, smart grocery shopping and budgeting tips, a food substitution guide, a recommended snack list for hypothyroid, as well as easy access to two bone broth recipes.
  • Hypothyroid Recipe Guide - This handout includes 70 delicious recipes for those suffering with hypothyroidism - breakfasts, salads, soups, entrees, sides and desserts. You will love these recipes!
  • Universal E-Books - You can use these to further support your hypothyroid. Get creative. The universal e-books included with your Hypothyroid Protocol are:  Tips for Gluten Free Living, Tips for Soy Free Living, Tips for Dairy Free Living, Supportive Habits for Optimal Self Care.


As Health Coaches, it is critical I understand our role when providing you with programs. We are not licensed medical professionals. We do not diagnose or treat conditions. We are, however, guides.      

This Hypothyroid Protocol Guide is intended for those who have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism by a doctor. You may also use this information to eat well if you suspect, based on symptoms, that you have a thyroid imbalance and to help guide you in what blood work to request and questions to ask your doctor.

It is very important that you confer with your physician regarding any food or supplement changes to ensure your well-being and avoid possible medication interactions. 

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